At WonderLight Co, our mission is to create intentional reminders to help people feel more energized, empowered and enough.

kiva & wonderlight

Running my own business has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I love to share that gift and encouragement with other women. For each order placed at WonderLight Co, we lend $1 in the form of interest-free loans to female Kiva entrepreneurs around the world to help them grow and expand their businesses.

a word from the owner

I think WonderLight has been living inside me for a long time. It's taken a decade of cultivating the different skills, intuition and confidence to be ready to step into this reality. It has only been recently that I've been able to look backwards a bit and see some of the bread crumbs that now seem so obvious, but previously were more like little whispers.

Like many people, I think 2020 was a big part of the journey. Life slowed down in this really intense way that enabled me to finally tap into this higher power within me that I was too busy to hear before. I started moving away from all the "shoulds" in my life and focused more on who I was at my core and where that inner compass was actually leading me.

WonderLight is different from other gemstone jewelry brands as we have found this special place of connecting the "woo" with the work so to speak. A lot of gemstone jewelry brands focus only on the healing properties that the crystals possess. We like to combine that along with our own unique talents and brilliance to create a powerful brand that enables its customers to feel energized, empowered and that their own brilliance is enough to overcome any challenges or obstacles.

I hope that Wonderlight will allow you to bring mindfulness to the forefront of everyday living through tangible jewelry you carry with you throughout your day. Wear your unique pieces as a symbol of empowerment and a daily reminder that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.


Cat Hutchings

My name is Cat Hutchings, owner and creator of WonderLight. I love helping our clientele feel and reconnect with positive sentiments such as joy, peace and fulfillment. Life is short and I don't want anyone to miss a moment of their life due to fear, self doubt or lack of focus.


Kati wears all kinds of hats assisting with graphic design, project management, modeling and integrating new aspects of the business. She is a wife and dog-mom to two fur babies and loves spending time in the sunshine.


Tessa specializes in fine tuning and optimizing listings as well as photography and assisting with special projects with each of our new product launches. She's a lover of pottery and is major Survivor fan.